Infusive is a bespoke independent investment manager. Our dedicated team of professionals sit in offices in New York and London. We are regulated by the SEC and FCA.

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UCITS fund launch
(7th June 2016)
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(as of 31st January 2023)
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London & New York

What Makes Us Different


A focus on human psychology

We focus on consumer habits. Happiness generates an emotional connection with a product or brand, inducing a lifetime or even a transgenerational pattern of repeat purchases.


Long term compounding

The portfolio strategy focuses on universal and immutable human needs which naturally supports an extended investment horizon of 10-15 years and the search for superior compounding effects over the long run.


Our risk mitigation program

We manage a derivatives-based risk mitigation program aimed at reducing short term volatility and protecting our investments from extreme negative market events.

Consumer Alpha Theory

Individuals prefer products and services that elicit joy and make them happy. This theory of emotionally-driven consumption is led by deep-rooted, immutable human impulses and desires that are backed by science.

This dynamic creates inelastic and consistent demand, and ultimately, provides pricing power and steady profit growth for the companies.

We believe that the consumer's preferences will ultimately drive the portfolio's long term investment returns. The vote of confidence of the consumer is the key driver of success.

Infusive Asset Management Inc.

Human Psychology is Our Starting Point

Infusive Asset Management Inc.


Basic immutable needs transcending time and culture.



Infusive focuses on six key drivers that humans have consistently relied upon to satiate these needs. All share a core purpose - the consistent delivery of joy.



This joy, and resulting emotional connection, reinforces positive consumption habits and meaningfully increases the perceived value of certain products and services

Our Partners
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  • Banca Aletti
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fineco
  • Pershing
  • UBS
  • Raymond James
  • Stifel
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  • Alliance Bernstein
  • Bank of America
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • UBS
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  • CAPinside
  • Emerald Digital
  • Squash the Ideas
  • Winkreative
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  • BNY
  • Decherts
  • NYSE
  • Waystone
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  • Allfunds
  • Clearstream
  • Inversis
Be emotionally invested.
Invest in happiness