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The Surprising Investment Power of Luxury Goods

Gold has hit an all-time high. The merits of investing in gold have been debated for 6000 years.

We all value “assets” in different ways.

Selective consumer products also divide opinion, from leather goods, to wine, to cars, to sneakers. We all have favourite things we seek and a price we are prepared to pay (or can afford). Whatever your product or aspirational item. the returns can be impressive:

  • Hermès Birkin bag have increased 5x in 35 years

  • The price of Hermes Constance has surged 10x in a decade

  • LVMH's Neverfull MM bag has more than doubled in eleven years

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 on average appreciating 100% in 3 years.

  • The CHANEL 2.5 bag has grown 70% in six years.

For context, the average annual compound return of real estate over the past decade in:

  • USA: 6% 

  • UK: 4.5%

  • AUS: 5.6%

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