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Our Process

Our extensive quantitative and qualitative selection process covers macro, thematic, valuation and portfolio construction considerations, within a systematic and fundamental framework.

45,000 Companies Listed Globally

Across global share markets, there are approximately 45,000 listed companies. 

16,000 Consumer Companies

Initial universe of global, public equities is reduced to focus on Consumer Companies in three broad industry groups: Consumer Staples (3,000), Consumer Discretionary (7,000), Consumer Digital (6,000).

2,000 Investable Companies

The universe is further reduced to ensure long-term investability: Companies are filtered by average daily trading volume, market capitalization and exchange, among other criteria.

1,000 Consumer Sub Sectors Companies

The systematic filter limits the universe to a proprietary list of sub-sector level groupings derived from the application of Consumer Alpha drivers.

100 Companies in Investable Consumer Universe

The fundamental and systematic filter identifies a proprietary list of exceptional companies with Consumer Alpha characteristics and drivers. 

25+ Companies in the Infusive Consumer Alpha Global Leaders Fund

We focus on four principles:

  • Strong Consumer Alpha Drivers: Products or services that satisfy consumer desires and allow for preferred sales dynamics over the long term.

  • Economic Moats: We focus on three core moats that are difficult to replicate: brand strength, scale and advantaged processes.

  • Favourable Industry Trends and Dynamics: Preference for companies that are either leaders in fast growing emerging industries or the dominant player in more mature markets

  • Smart and Reliable Capital Stewardship: High cash generation is an essential driver of long-term returns. 

The Investment Team combines the systematic and fundamental process with valuation and risk management metrics to create our portfolio.


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