A global asset management company focused on the consumer sector

Infusive Asset Management was established in 2013 as a dedicated vehicle for investing in advantaged consumer companies around the world. Our investment approach provides a unique perspective and represents the culmination of over three decades of investment experience and extensive research focused on understanding and qualifying the underlying motivations that drive consumption.


Consumer Alpha™: An investment philosophy based on human nature

Through our research, we have observed that deep-rooted human impulses and desires propel the long-term performance of certain products and companies in the consumer industry. We call this Consumer Alpha.

Consumers prefer to purchase products that elicit joy and make them happy. Driven by basic desires, they buy certain products again and again. The emotional nature of consumption for these products lends itself to premiumization and inelastic demand curves.

This belief and our observations about what drives long-term success in consumer companies serve as the basis for our investment philosophy and framework for understanding consumer behavior.