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Weight Loss Economics: The Obesity Drug Wave & Influence on Food Consumption


Infusive's Guide to Snacking


Our Consumer Big Ideas

Infusive Consumer Big Ideas (4).png
  • We take you on a journey to 2030, detailing the factors and drivers, that we believe, will shape consumer behaviour and activity.

  • Our Big Ideas represents the culmination of extensive research from our investment team, with over a century of combined experience, across our three global offices.

  • We have studied consumer behaviours throughout history and the emotional connection people have with products and brands.

  • The presentation focuses on the "Great Interconnectedness" - unstoppable demographic and technological change that will supercharge select consumer activity, with compelling economic metrics. We haven't detailed specific opportunities here.

Decades of Consumer Staples Success


Many of the products we consume on a daily basis, have been around for generations.

In the last 20 years alone, these companies have survived new trends, geopolitical uncertainty, varying economic cycles, global pandemics and more.

Today, the debate focuses on weight loss drugs and threat of disruption to large incumbents. More than $1 trillion of market value has evaporated from food, drink and medical companies due to concerns that consumer behaviour will change.

Infusive has a different view to the stock market.


We believe consumer companies with strong brands, healthy R&D budgets and leading data, have flexibility, scale and loyal consumers. This is supported by strong cash flow generation.

If history is any guide, global champions will continue to make products people love.

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