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Remembering my trip to Bangladesh

I made my first trip to Bangladesh in 2017 & personally invested in a local business in 2018.

With 170 million people, Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world.

The alleys are buzzing, roads are chaotic and people hustle.

Today, Bangladesh is gaining headlines for an election with the lowest turnout ever. There are concerns, which western leaders have voiced.

GDP per capita is $2600 (just 1%, compared to Monaco).

The numbers are staggering:

  • 6%+ GDP growth per year over two decades

  • ~60% of the population is < 35

  • 190 million mobile phone subscriptions 

  • 70+ million commute to work daily

Bangladesh is an example of how a growing population, combined with rising incomes, leads to increased and expansive spending power:

  • 40 million domestic consumers have incomes comparable to developed markets

  • The middle and affluent class is estimated to grow 2x in five years.

More spending on housing, discretionary items, food and experiences.

The resilience, determination and ambition of the people has been reinforced on each visit.

It would take a brave person to bet against the desire of 170 million today who want to lead a better life tomorrow.


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