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Video Gaming 101

Over two decades, the share of leisure time spent on video games in the US has more than doubled. The share is even greater for younger people.

What you need to know and what (non-gamers) may be surprised to learn?

1. 80% of Millennials and Gen Z play online games

2. The global gaming market is forecast to grow >6% YoY to $250 billion by 2026

3. Video gaming companies typically outperform other forms of entertainment during periods of economic weakness given their low-cost nature

4. AI: The CEO of Electronic Arts (EA Sports FC - Formerly FIFA franchise) "As an industry we're probably going to be one of the greatest beneficiary's of AI. It will allow us to do what we currently do more efficiently."

The technical improvements driving adoption are well known, yet often overlooked is the community aspect of video gaming.

The numbers from #Twitch, the largest streaming and community platform for gaming, are illustrative of consumer engagement:

1. 240 million monthly active users (10x since 2012)

2. 65% of users are <35 years old

3. 11 million unique streaming channels

4. 50 million app downloads (annualised 2023)

5. 5 billion hours of gaming watched per quarter

Gamers use Twitch to watch, connect and communicate with like-minded individuals.

In a similar way to other social platforms, “Influencers” command a vast and loyal fan base and shape game cultures and trends.

Devoted gamers spend up for in game assets, to reward their idols and for future products (no different to sport tragics or fashion fanatics).

In our view, the blend of community engagement and creative innovation is a key driver for the growth of the video game industry. This dynamic fosters positive experiences for consumers, who express confidence and satisfaction in the industry through their choices of games and spending habits.


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